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Bot market[editar]

Hi, thanks for contact me. To implement the bot in Chinese Wikinews you must import and translate the templates:

I need the translated name of days, months and date format to show in the template. Regards Superzerocool (discusión) 17:53 11 oct 2017 (UTC)[responder]

no, I don't have questions... I'm still using Windows in my notebook, so I can't connect to labs to made the changes xD. Kindly Superzerocool (discusión) 17:29 13 oct 2017 (UTC)[responder]
Done :) Superzerocool (discusión) 18:02 18 oct 2017 (UTC)[responder]
Oh, I'll fix it later!. (Yes, I'm right now in Linux in my laptop!). Thanks for notice me! Superzerocool (discusión) 13:39 19 oct 2017 (UTC)[responder]
I have checked my code:
    • the problem with day was solved: I used the number of day in the week (0 = sunday; 6 = saturday), instead of number of day in the month.
    • I've checked that reuters has changed the order of the index on its page. I've redo the order to update my code.

Regards Superzerocool (discusión) 16:58 25 oct 2017 (UTC)[responder]