Discusión:Murió el último rinoceronte blanco del norte macho del mundo

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@Zerabat: is the article translated from what I had sent you, in any of the revisions?
acagastya ⚽️ 🏆 🎾 🚀 🔬 👟 🎬 🎼 📰 01:35 21 mar 2018 (UTC)Responder[responder]

No, there is not text from your writing. All the text was written by myself. If not, I would have added a template of derivative work from your work. --Zerabat (discusión) 18:32 21 mar 2018 (UTC)Responder[responder]
@Zerabat: just want med to make sure. Because if you had used my text, it would have been hard to attribute since I wrote it on my phone and it was not under CC BY license then. My de facto license for my work is CC BY NC-ND unless specified (meaning that the text of that article is under CC BY 2.5 and CC BY NC-ND. 01:56 22 mar 2018 (UTC)Responder[responder]

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