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Place this template at the bottom of any page used to test a dialog action. Pass parameter test through to the template, using markup |test={{{test|}}}.

Optional parameter action names the test action, either the full name of the action page or to be prefixed by Wikinoticias:Diálogo/. If action is unspecified (or blank), and the page is a subpage of an action page, that action is construed to be the action tested.


Plantilla:AlvaroMolina/Diálogo-Acción/Prueba Entrada/Pie/uso Plantilla:AlvaroMolina/Diálogo-Acción/Prueba Entrada/Pie/uso

Uso interno[editar]

The template itself handles only the logic of determining what action is tested; what to display is handled by a subtemplate.

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