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(Nueva sección: →‎Accreditation)
¡Te lo agradezco mucho ProtoplasmaKid, sin duda será muy útil! Ya lo he añadido a mi página de usuario, a la que he aprovechado ha remodelar. Un abrazo y feliz año--[[Usuario:Lcsrns|'''Lcsrns''']] [[Usuario Discusión:Lcsrns|<font color="Orange">'''(Discusión)'''</font>]] 02:35 30 dic 2011 (UTC)
== Accreditation ==
I'm delighted to see other projects trying to make a go of accreditation.
I've set up an email address for you, Ivan[dot]Martinez@wikinewsie[dot]org, and will email you the password for it. To change the password, go to http://www.wikinewsie.org and log in to the '''Reporters' Email'''. There's options in the webmail to allow you to change the password and, some reporters find it useful to set up a limited amount of spam filtering in there.
Once you've changed the password, you can easily set up a client program to collect your email. Instructions on how-to are in the sidebar menu on http://www.wikinewsie.org - if you need any help, let me know.
Over the coming month, I'll be working with at least two chapters to set up funding for professional reporter ID cards. In the interim, if you forward me translated text for the [[:en:File:Sample reporter card.jpg|reporter business cards]], plus your own details to fill in on a template, I can provide you with a high-resolution version you could get printed; they're a fairly effective tool when it comes to getting people to talk to you. --[[:en:User:Brian McNeil|Brian McNeil]]/<sup>[[:en:User talk:Brian McNeil|talk]]</sup> 11:54 2 ene 2012 (UTC)


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