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:::: Brian, ¿can we ask for @wikinewsie.org e-mail for the wikireporters who approve our Acreditation policy? --[[Usuario:ProtoplasmaKid|Iván]] [[Archivo:Flag of Mexico.svg|20px]] | [[Usuario Discusión:ProtoplasmaKid|Pase a mi cubículo y los discutimos.]] 22:46 21 dic 2011 (UTC)
::::: Yes, if there is a clear indication on a non-English project that someone has community backing, I'm more than happy to issue email addresses. It is, as I say, a ''social engineering'' issue. I'm more than happy to work with anyone, from any language version of ''Wikinews'', on building a perception of credibility or serious journalism. I've played "senior editor" to get people privileged access, and would happily do so again. I've written dozens of introductory messages for reporters, and asked they be given privileged access. We've never lied about who we are, or what might come of giving us access, but the right choice of words puts people in the palm of our hands. If reporters from esWN can benefit from such moves, then just ask. --[[:en:User:Brian McNeil|Brian McNeil]]/<sup>[[:en:User talk:Brian McNeil|talk]]</sup> 23:23 21 dic 2011 (UTC)
[.] Brian, then what we need is to translate the credentials and initiate the choice, would you then help us to deliver relevant emails? --'''[[Usuario:MadriCR|''MadriCR]]''' [[Usuario Discusión:MadriCR|<font color="Red">'''(Discusión)'''</font>]] 00:52 22 dic 2011 (UTC)
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