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::If, in this version of Wikinews have peer review, (omitted for those who already are editors / reviewers, who are mostly). Accreditations: So the community must decide whether to grant accreditation? --'''[[Usuario:MadriCR|''MadriCR]]''' [[Usuario Discusión:MadriCR|<font color="Red">'''(Discusión)'''</font>]] 16:12 21 dic 2011 (UTC)
::: Yes. As-shown in the example business card, people are "Community Accredited". This is fairly straightforward in that the community discusses and agrees/disagrees that they trust an individual to well-represent the project in the real world for the purpose of news-gathering work. This often gives people a "foot in the door" when it comes to asking for interviews with political figures, limited access behind police lines at crime scenes or other incidents, and (as I am currently using accreditation) access to press previews of exhibitions or major cultural institution reopenings (cf [[:en:National Museum of Scotland reopens after three-year redevelopment|National Museum of Scotland]], [[:en:A portrait of Scotland: Gallery reopens after £17.6 million renovation|Scottish National Portrait Gallery]]).
::: To be perfectly honest, good use of Wikinews Accreditation is a form of [[:en:w:Social engineering (security)|social engineering]]. David Shankbone probably put it to best use; in 2008 he [[:en:Shimon Peres discusses the future of Israel|landed a face-to-face interview with Shimon Peres]].
::: I'm skipping peer review in relation to Google News listing here, it seems there is far less need for esWN to worry about this as you are effectively listed. It may be worthwhile looking at flagged revisions for some of the anti-vandalism benefits, and an ultra-simple independent review process would allow you to benefit from that without the almost-stifling ultra-strict enWN implementation. A side-effect of us having that process has seen two classes of journalism students at the University of Wollongong assigned to write for ''Wikinews'', and myself and David Blackall are currently authoring an academic paper on the outcome of this being set as classwork. Feedback from students who have had articles published has been near-universally positive, David and I would be most interested in the opinions of esWN contributors regarding reaching out to any educational institutions which do journalism courses and might consider assigning publication on ''Wikinews'' as classwork. --[[:en:User:Brian McNeil|Brian McNeil]]/<sup>[[:en:User talk:Brian McNeil|talk]]</sup> 18:10 21 dic 2011 (UTC)


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