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: The enWN mechanism to have peer-review involves use of Flagged Revisions, and if you check the RSS feed on our main page you will see there have been additional developments on top of DPL which now allows direct output of feeds without relying on the tool server.
: Regarding accreditation, the Foundation itself cannot be involved with that. On enWN we implemented a process for established contributors to request community accreditation. Following successfully being granted that due to editorial liability concerns. For us on enWN, users are given an email address on the @wikinewsie.org domain and, at own expense, can have business cards printed up. (See [[:en:File:Sample reporter card.jpg|example]]). --[[:en:User:Brian McNeil|Brian McNeil]]/<sup>[[:en:User talk:Brian McNeil|talk]]</sup> 15:57 21 dic 2011 (UTC)
::If, in this version of Wikinews have peer review, (omitted for those who already are editors / reviewers, who are mostly).
Accreditations: So the community must decide whether to grant accreditation? --'''[[Usuario:MadriCR|''MadriCR]]''' [[Usuario Discusión:MadriCR|<font color="Red">'''(Discusión)'''</font>]] 16:12 21 dic 2011 (UTC)
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